Sunday, August 12, 2018

Happy Sunday ladies, I'm so excited to be sharing my office tour with you. Since my business took off and I started to spend more time at home, I wanted to create a space in my home that I loved. I have been working hard and saving my money so that I could remodel my house and be able to pay cash for everything. It was definitely worth the wait.

Here are some pictures for you all to see.

I wanted a space where I could enjoy some quiet time and read a book. This Natural Rattan Fallon Cocoon Chair from World Market caught my eye the moment I saw it. 

Inspired by rattan chair swings, this cocoon chair boats a curvy silhouette, and comes with a comfy cushion.

It's currently 30% off with code "FERN30" and I have been enjoying how comfortable it is. 

My exact Marble coffee side table sold out on Amazon, but I went ahead and linked a similar one, HERE.

This light used to be recess lighting, but I wanted a light fixture, This company sells Recessed Light Conversion Pendants which is an easy DIY. Plus it saves you a lot of money to put together instead of hiring an electronist.
My light fixture is from IKEA and it is the KRUSNING pendant lamp shade. It's $19.99 and was very easy to set up. 

Since my marble table inspired me to add a touch of gold to my furniture, I decided to keep the theme going. My shelfs  are from IKEA and they are only $49.99! I purchased the white ones and then did a DIY project and spray painted them gold. Here's the pure gold spray paint can I used that I got at HOME DEPOT.  Between my shelfs and desk I probably went through about 9-10 spray paint cans.

My exact plant is from IKEA, and it was $49.99. I decided to put it in a seagrass basket and it's only $12.99.

My exact desk is called "Alex" and I got it in the color white at IKEA. I just spray painted the bottom gold so that it would match my shelfs. This desk is the perfect size for an Apple iMac in the size 21.5 inches. You still have enough space on both sides to put what you want without looking too clutter.

This shelf it what keeps this girl organized. It's the "RIGGA Clothes Rack"  from IKEA and is ONLY $12.99! It's the perfect rack to keep your outfits and shoes organized. 

My rug comes in all sizes and colors. You can find them at, just click HERE.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciate the love. 
I hope you enjoyed my office tour. #GVeraStyleHome