Sunday, April 16, 2017

  Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend. I sure did. I enjoyed my family and definitely did a lot of relaxing. For today's blog post I bring you the comfiest strapless backless adhesive bra made by KISSBOBO for those off the shoulder tops, dresses and playsuits we all love to wear in the summer time. Let me just say that I have been wearing this bra with all my off the shoulder tops and dresses. I absoulutely love how comfortable it is. It also works great as a push up bra and for a girl like me only being a size B makes them look even better. I no longer have to worry about my bra straps showing. It's available on Amazon, and can be purchased here. They do run TTS and it's only $13.99. I wore it all day this past weekend and ladies, it stays on ALL day long. Here are some pictures of what I wore my strapless adhesive bra from at KISSBOBO in my Chicwish  playsuit.

My POM POM Sun Hat Floppy was made by my friend Yanet. I choose "Happiness Is" because no matter where I go, I always have a reason to be Happy. You can have your own custom design made by Yanet from her Etsy shop called  Chic And Trendy Designs. You can use code "VERA10" for 10% off any item order. Follow her page on Instagram @chicandtrendydesigns.

If your looking for a cute place that has cute accessories then you have to check out at Purple Peridot. The cozumel bracelet set is only $16.99 and it's going to be on major repeat this summer. My red bali earrings are $24.99 and come in black and in a color tassel too. Follow her on Instagram @purple_peridot to check out some fun accessories to go with your outfits. 

My sunnies are from Kapten & Son and I absolutely loves this different styles they have in sunglasses.

This KISSBOBO strapless adhesive bra also comes with it's own storage case to keep it clean. 
Here is a video tutorial to show you how to wear your KISSBOBO strapless adhesive bra and take care of it as well. It is very easy to put on, just follow the exact details in the video below.


Thank You KISSBOBO and CHICWISH for sponsoring this blog post.

THANK YOU so much for allowing me to be me. 




  1. I remember being on holiday in Kuala Lumpur and heading into a lingerie store with the intention of buying one of these types of bras for a dress I had just bought. For some reason though they were $70! At home they are a lot more like this price, so I walked away empty handed. I try not to wear anything if I can help it, but sometimes things are just that bit too sheer.
    xx Jenelle

  2. Hey Beautiful:)
    How Amazing Hat, so Cute on you:)
    I was Amazed with the Bra, Never saw this type of Bras.... The Video is very Nice:) such a Useful Bra, especially with Off Shoulder Tops:)
    The Dress is just Beautiful;)
    Love Chicwish:)
    Love and Happy Monday

  3. Okay, you have no idea how long I've been looking for a GOOD bra like this! I spent $60 on one from Victoria's Secret and it sucks! I definitely need to give this one a try!

  4. Omg thank you for this post. I have been searching for a better adhesive bra. It is SO hard to find a quality one!


  5. I am in love with this embroidered sun hat and the frilled romper! I didn't really do anything Easter-like but I had a good weekend nevertheless :) Hope you did too!

  6. I totally need a bra like this for those off the shoulder summer tops! Thanks for this post!! Super cute romper and hat by the way!

  7. After reading this, you totally reminded me that I need one of these bras for a dress I bought a couple of weeks ago! Thanks for sharing and for the reminder. Every girl should have one of these in their closets. Also loving that chicwish playsuit too!

    Sweet as Fiction xx

  8. Now I don't have much personal experience of bras, but my girlfriends keep complaining about them and I think this sounds as a really good and effortless solution. I also love the custom made hat and am longing for one for myself which says "on vacay rest of 2017" but I guess that's too long to fit haha.

  9. The bra your showing is such a good idea for summer. And underneath a lovely summer-dress like the one your wearing it's essential to have a bra that makes your silhouette beautiful. Going to buy one myself, XO Charissa

  10. Such a beautiful look! xx

  11. Gorgeous, Gaby! Love everything and this is the perfect summer look❤️

  12. Love love love the hat and all the accent colors! so fun! gorgeous as always, gabby girl!


  13. Very practic bra you can use wth everything an d I like how stay all day long :)
    Your off shoulder outfit is really awesome and the sunnies too, I have asimilar one from kapten.

  14. Such a cute romper babe!! Love all the fun accessories you paired with it too! Really need to get one of these bras for all my summer dresses and tops!


  15. I love strapless bras! They're so necessary for those strapless summer outfits but I often find them irritating on my skin. It's good to know KISSBORO's bras are comfortable. I'll definitely have to check them out.

    xo, Jo

  16. This outfit is just too cute, I love OTS pieces for summer and I agree that the bra situation is not too friendly. I literally just bought myself a pair of those KissBobo bras to try because some of the expensive brands don't work that well and slips off when I sweat!! Thanks for the review and introduciton!

    Great tips on buying jewellry. I actually don't wear many jewelry pieces, most of my photos just have my day to day earrings, necklace and bracelet. Not that I don't like them, but because I'm allergic to non-precious metal (or as my husband would call it, a convenient excuse for him to buy me expensive sh*t) LOL. But truth be told, I am a big believer in buying high quality, classic pieces that withstand time and can be passed on. Even from a simple mathmatic perspective, a bunch of cheaply made, disposible trendy jewelry from HM or F21 that cost $5.99 or more could add up over time and easily add up to hundreds. That amount can be used to buy one nice pair of earring or necklace that really lasts!

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  17. This looks like the perfect Spring outfit! I LOVE your flowy romper, those sleeves look so fun! It pairs so well with your floppy hat! I love the words you picked out. Definitely need to check out your friends shop! :)

    xo, Chloe //

  18. I need that bra right now! Summer is coming which means a lot of strapless and one shoulder looks! I've been on the hunt forever and now I'm' going to give this a try!

  19. This entire outfit is completely gorgeous and I am so amazed at the adhesive bras ! I definitely need to try the kissaboo line ! That hat has my name all over it !

  20. This bra is amazing to wear with this type of dresses. I would look into this, I've been looking for a bra exactly like this one. BTW, you look stunning in this outfit and love the color too!!! you look so beautiful babe!!!

    xx, GIna

  21. Nice! I seriously need this bra!! I've been looking for something like this! You look adorable in this post too!!